Global Security Forum 2024 in Doha

The 2024 Global Security Forum took place from May 20-22 in Doha, Qatar. The theme of this year’s forum is Strategic Competition: The Complexity of Interdependence.

The conference has address today’s global security challenges within the context of strategic competition while assessing both risks and opportunities that result from complex interdependence.

This year’s forum include discussions on topics such as: supply chain management; climate change as a threat multiplier; energy security; essential technologies such as high-end semiconductors; food insecurity; and the practice of hostage-taking by state and non-state actors; among other related topics.

The 2024 forum was also attended by Prof. Robert Dussey, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and Togolese Abroad, and President of the LPSF, who had a discussion on Africa’s current geopolitical landscape with Ambassador Dr. J. Peter Pham, Emeritus Researcher at the Atlantic Council.


A video extract of the discussion between Prof. Dussey and Dr. Pham


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