Ministerial meeting of the African Political Alliance in Bamako, Republic of Mali

1.  In line with the pertinent conclusions drawn from the first Ministerial Conference of the African Political Alliance (APA), held in Lomé, Togolese Republic, on May 3, 2023, ministers of Foreign Affairs and representatives from member states of the APA, as well as observer states, convened on March 15,2024, in Bamako,Republic of Mali, on the sidelines of the West Africa regional conference, preceding the 9th Pan-African Congress.

2.  The African Political Alliance was launched at the initiative of the Togolese Republic as a framework for enhanced consultation and dialogue among African nations committed to the ideals of pan Africanism and determined to work towards a politically strong, independent, unencumbered, non-aligned Africa capable of playing an active role in global governance.

3.  The opening ceremony and meeting proceedings were presided over by H.E. Prof. Robert DUSSEY, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration, and Togolese Abroad.

4.  The ministerial meeting primarily focused on the examination and consolidation of the draft Charter of the African Political Alliance.

5.  Following the review of the agenda items,the States reaffirmed their commitment to a self-assured and sovereign Africa, better represented and fully assuming its responsibilities on the international stage in a context of profound upheaval and unprecedented decentralization in modern human history.

6.  States reiterated their commitment to speak with one voice where necessary, promote the ideals of pan-Africanism, strengthen solidarity among member states, defend the sovereignty and interests of member states, combat any form of external interference, support each other politically, diplomatically, economically, in the promotion of peace and the fight against terrorism, amplify Africa’s voice and positions, and enhance its role in international forums.

7.  The next Ministerial Conference will take place in Lomé and will focus on finalizing and adopting the Charter of the African Political Alliance.

Done in Bamako, March 15, 2024


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