Prof. Richard Filakota

Sociologist and Anthropologist, Director of Ecole Nationale de Magistrature Bangui, Central African Republic

Socio-anthropologist, political scientist and Islamologist. Director General of the National School of Magistracy (ENAM) of Bangui.

Former Rector of the Catholic University of Central Africa. Former Director of the Higher Institute of Agronomy of Central Africa (2016-2020). President of the Central African Vocational Training Consortium (CFPAC) in partnership with ISM Paris and Emlyon Business School. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Strategic Intelligence Center. University professor and specialist in issues relating to sustainable development, project management, urban and rural dynamics, politics, geopolitics, geoeconomics and international relations. National expert on the prevention of radicalization and violent extremism, on the prevention of violence based on religious identity.

Expert on conflict prevention, management and transformation.


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