About LPSF first edition

Engage in reflections on the challenge of political transitions towards democratic governance. The Lome Peace and Security Forum will serve as a platform to formulate realistic and bold recommendations with a view to supporting any process of dialogue and mediation in Africa.

Sharing of knowledge and concerns, experiences and ideas on the specificities of the democratic governance deficit, will enable a more balanced assessment and will help the forum participants to formulate bold proposals.

What will we be discussing?

Africa is subject to a double rhythm: on the one hand, serious security and instability problems; on the other, prosperous and effervescent prospects, both insufficiently or poorly managed, mainly due to political misconceptions of democracy. There is an urgent need to redefine the understanding of political and community dynamics, and to provide a new framework for action for African authorities and their partners.

A space for reflection at all levels, by and for African actors. The two days of discussions will bring pan-African responses to political crises and transitions, in order to strengthen new visions for peace and stability. The Forum responds to the urgent need for Africa-centered alternative models to understand local dynamics. 

What are we expecting?

LPSF aims to develop an appropriate prism for the reading of the African context by the continent’s actors, at all levels of governance, in contexts where military power is seeking to find its place in African democracies.

  • To analyse the causes and possible solutions to the political crises that led to potential gaps in democratic processes
  • To create new spaces for reflection
  • To enable the formulation of targeted recommendations

The inaugural edition will be held from 20th to the 22nd of October 2023 in Lomé, the Capital of Peace, Mediation, Dialogue and Tolerance, on the theme :

” How to strengthen political transitions towards democratic governance in Africa? ”


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